Here is why you should have your own domain

While you might think you are fine with just your google account, the reality is that you could do a lot better with an inexpensive website. All you need to start is a domain name and a place to put your website.

Why should have your own personal website? Well, a personal website will cause a good impression on people. It is a known reality that wherever you go, people will look you up on the internet, and you want what they find to be nice. Moreover, with your domain you can have custom e-mail, you@yourdomain.tld, which looks way more profesional than

Ok, so you have decided you want a website. You will first have to get a domain, which are usually 10-15$/year, or if you do not care much you can get a domain with a lesser known domain for free (.tk .ml .gq…).

Next thing on our list is a place to put our website. There are two options:
If you want something more versatile, I recommend getting a VPS. You can get them virtually in any site that offers any type of hosting, but I recommend Vultr or DigitalOcean.
If you want something easier, I would go towards a shared hosting, preferably one with CPanel, I recommend FastComet.
You can find good deals for both VPSs and shared hosting in Lowendbox.

I personally host this site on a VPS from vultr. I used to host my site on DigitalOcean, but Vultr was cheaper and very similar.

The reason I prefer a VPS over a shared hosting because of the versatility and control a VPS offers, though it is more complex to setup. If you want something to just work, I recommend a shared hosting.

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